Pigeon Master Chef Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

Pigeon Master Chef Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set
Pigeon Master Chef Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set @998

Product details

Material - Aluminium

Colour - Black

Brand - Pigeon

Size - Regular

Is Dishwasher Safe - Yes

Number of Pieces - 4

More Details

Cookware Design: Flare cookware is designed with a seamless reinforced coating that will never peel or flake during use. 

Body Material: High quality Aluminium material for easy cooking.

Coating Layer: 5 layer of Non-Stick coating by Pure Coating Technology. Coating 

Quality: Twice more scratch resistant, smoother & easy to wash.

Convenience: Light weight, Less oil required, Super durable & ergonomic bakelite handle. Cookware Base: It is a gas stove compatible.

Chemical Free: Master Chef cookware is PFOA free for healthy cooking. Includes: 3 Sauce Pan with different sizes & a Fry Pan.


What is the difference between Chef and MasterChef? A Master Chef spends less time cooking orders for customers. Instead, he/she is a kitchen leader who provides supervision and guidance to all back-of-house employees. But do you think you are one of them or do you wish to become a leader at least in your own kitchen? A Master by his experience and a Chef by his cooking skills. A Good Chef always needs quality kitchen utensils especially Non-stick cookware for versatile cooking. So we have brought you our own Master Cheft cookware, where you will get 3 Sauce Pan, 3 Glass Lid with a vent on the top and a Fry Pan. This cookware set is coated with 5 layer of Non Stick coating which is chemical (PFOA) free for healthy cooking. Master Chef cookware is exceptionally easy to clean, nothing sticks to the surface and nothing needs to be scrubbed off the surface while washing. Oil and debris of food don't stick to the walls or base of the vessel. Additionally, all you need is a scrubbing sponge to get the food off your vessel. So start your journey today with Pigeon's Master Chef cookware.

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