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Vich Bolunga Tere is a 2022 Punjabi movie directed by Jasveer Bhan. This movie is based on the novel of the same name written by Harmanjit Singh. The movie is an ode to the Punjabi culture and showcases the love and devotion of a son to his mother. It's a tribute to the traditional values of a culture and can be viewed as a mirror reflecting our society back at itself.

The movie starts off with a beautiful view of the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This captures the attention of the audience and introduces the film's core theme- the love between a mother and her son. The opening also establishes that this film is not about religion but about family values. The next scene shows different pieces of cultural heritage from Punjab such as Dhaan Sahib, Chandigarh, Lohgarh and Jandola. This shows how important the cultural aspects of Punjab are to its people. It also highlights how much these aspects have influenced Indian culture as a whole.

The plot then focuses on Harman, a veteran singer in Punjab who returns home after 20 years' absence to perform at his mother's 100th birthday party. Throughout his journey home, he reflects on his childhood and his mother's death which inspired him to become a singer. This shows his devotion to his mother, who raised him after their parents' death. His journey home is full of joy and nostalgia as he remembers his childhood with his mother. At home, he finds that his mother is no longer alive- she has passed away years ago while waiting for him to return home.

After his life long dream of performing at his mother's birthday party comes true, Harman returns to singing again with even greater passion and dedication. He also starts writing songs dedicated to his mother called 'Vich Bolunga Tere.' Each song depicts how much he loves and misses his mother while acknowledging her death at the same time. This is why he dedicated each song to her; it is an acknowledgment of how she raised him despite the tragic loss of their parents when he was young.

Vich Bolunga Tere is an excellent portrayal of the Punjabi culture through its traditional values and devotion to family members. It shows that cultural values such as honor and pride in one's heritage are timeless. People from all cultures have similar emotional needs which can be satisfied through similar anecdotes such as this one.

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